Elwhyel is a creative team that strives to create good design and thoughtful art.

We believe that art and design can be companion to the lonely, comfort to the sorrowful and hope to the hopeless. Our goal is to create art that expresses the emotions that are sometimes inexpressible in us and thus leading us to further examine ourself and bring about necessary changes.

Our Team


Yong Liang Lim, also known as El, is a highly creative individual. He is currently finishing his Graphic Design degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. His most skilled medium is watercolor and he has won several international watercolor competitions in the past.


Ren Jian Lee, who also goes by RJ, is the powerhouse behind this website. Being a close friend to El, he agreed to help El achieve his dream by building this website. He currently works as a software engineer on YouVersion at Life.Church.

Our Mission Statement

To impact individuals through visually appealing art and design by invoking emotion and provoking thought for growth and well-being.

Our Location